Excited to share with you all some new work inspired by two individuals who radically changed me and helped me to become better as a maker and connector of all things. 

“Between Here and There and Everywhere" is an text-based, interactive, and conceptual exhibition that utilizes key artworks and styles from Peterson’s past and present bodies of work – including various media from photographic images, optical illusion and sculptural elements, such as moving letters that unscramble throughout the duration of the show and a stool that invites viewers to remain the spectator while becoming the spectacle. Using text as image, viewers are invited to experience spacial vulnerability and digest questions regarding core decision making and the human fight against spiritual control. The new body of work by Peterson pushes against passivity and aggressively questions how, where, and why we make choice to allow God to intervene.

Union University Gallery of Art
August 16, 2016 through October 7, 2016